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Episode 34

"A Constant Throb"

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(Open in Tolliver's room as Doc is examining Cy's wound)

Cy: (Grimacing) Ohh! Jesus Christ!

Doc: What's wrong?

Cy: What's wrong?! It fuckin' hurts Doc! What do you think's wrong?

Doc: As the particular mix of stupidity and self-pity that moved you is of no interest to me. I will not put to you the question of why you would abrade a healing wound.

Cy: I was examining myself for fuckin' pus.

Doc: Bullshit. (coughing) I have a patient whose shattered foot is going gangrenous. I'll likely amputate. He's a salesman. His livelihood depends on walking. (packing his kit to leave) I'll return tomorrow. If I see any further evidence of self-mutilation, that will be the last day I treat you. (coughing as he heads for the door)

(Cut to Shaunnessey's office as Jack is addressing him)

Jack: One wonders sir, if last evening installed in your hostel a woman of exotic appearance, not perhaps gypsy by extraction.

Shaunnessey: Hmm what would your business with her be if she had?

Jack: To hear my fortune told.

Shaunnessey: There'll be none of that on these premises.

Jack: Nor were those my true intentions, your query is impertinent. (Places a coin on the counter) Is the lady here?

Shaunnessey: (picking up the coin) 2-C.

Jack: As your faith, (looking at the many bible passages posted about), must proscribe receiving bribes, credit the five towards her stay. (turns and leaves)

(Cut to the hotel dining room as Lou is serving Hearst and Jarry their breakfast)

Hearst: Thanks so much, Aunt Lou.

Lou: All right.

Hearst: You know I'll notify you, first word from the freight office about your boy's remains.

Lou: All right.

(Cut to a hotel room as Jack is talking to the Dancer from amateur night)

Jack: There's a stout woman, the Countess Berman, fires and hires for the troupe. You will meet her at the theater should you appear and apply. The devout Shaunessey has a week in advance to your account.

Dancer: Take it back from him. I won't take money from you.

Jack: Are you not being quite absurd, in the self-serving way of your sex? You come here penniless, a supplicant.

Dancer: For learning

Jack: Well well well... and to learn must you not live? And how will you do so amidst the thoroughfare's depravities?

Dancer: Let me stay in the theater.

Jack: (laughs) At a minimum, for the career to which you aspire, you show the requisite presumption. (He leaves)

(Cut to the dining room, Hearst and Jarry again)

Jarry: No small part, the hotel's amelioration under your regime. The nigger cook, no small part.

Hearst: I heard you. (as they speak, we see Alma walking down the street to the bank. Hearst and Jarry also see her through the window.)

Jarry: Hmm, a tenant when last I was resident, in the previous regime.

(We see Al watching Alma from his balcony, they exchange silent greetings. Cut to the dining room again, as Jack enters to address the theater women)

Jack: I thought the evening went well.

Claudia: Wonderful.

Jack: Very much to our purposes, the idea of us in the camp.

Claudia: And, what about that beautiful harem dance by that darling little dark-haired prostitute?

(We see Alma again on the street, when there's a gunshot and a bullet strikes the building behind her. Another strikes in front of her.)

Hearst: My god. (looking out the window, he seems to know what's happening without looking)

(on the street we see Charlie running towards Alma)

Charlie: Make yourself fuckin' small, Mrs Ellsworth!

(We see Al rush to the railing of the balcony and jump over to the street. He also rushes to Alma. Back to the dining room:)

Hearst: My god, I believe someone is shooting at the former tenant.

(Alma has crouched down into a corner as Charlie and Al arrive at the same time and help her up, leading her towards the Gem)

Al: Keep your fuckin' head down! (Silas is running over, Al shouts to him) Get to the fuckin' schoolhouse! Particular attention to the foundling. And send fuckin' Trixie over here!

(Hearst and Jarry exit the hotel and are watching Al-Alma-Charlie walk past.)

Al: (to Hearst) Oh, just some nonsense among the ordinaries, sir. Getting' Mrs Ellsworth under cover. Excess of fuckin' caution, but you yourself sir are absolutely safe.

E.B.: (coming up behind Hearst and putting his hand on Hearst's shoulder) Absolutely safe, sir.

(Cut to the Gem as Al and Alma arrive)

Al: (to Charlie) Wire Bullock in Sturgis. "Return's urgently required." In fuckin' generalities only. Otherwise that maniac'll come back shootin'. (Charlie starts for the front door) No! Not that way, don't want that cocksucker knowing nothing of our business. (pointing) Upstairs and fuckin' around, you'll find the fuckin' telegraph. Johnny! (motions to Johnny to show Charlie the way)

(Cut to the hotel lobby)

Hearst: Oughtn't someone look out for who fired?

E.B.: Richardson, look into who fired.

Countess: (toJack) What was it?

Jack: The business of others.

(Cut to the Gem as the whores watch the events)

Al: Shall we review the bidding in my fuckin' office?

Alma: (breathless) Oh, I need to take off my corset.

Al: No one objects to that here. (Alma looks around, they start upstairs)

(Cut to the schoolhouse. Silas arrives and takes up his post outside. Martha sees him through the window and looks puzzled. Silas peeks in and gives her a thumbs up. From Joanie's room across the way, she sees this activity at the school)

(Cut to Al's office)

Al: Easily as it could have been some hooplehead, not knowing who or what he was shooting at, it's likely prudent to credit you as the target. (Alma is seated as Al pours her a shot)

Alma: Yes.

Al: If I'd been aimed at, of course, dozens of authors need be considered.

Alma: Yes.

Al: So I know someone's in there, vary your replies. Such as, "Yes, and I'd be one of them."

Alma: That wouldn't be very grateful of me. (she raises her shot and downs it)

Al: It's horrible being shot at. Never gets no better. (knock on the door) Yeah! (Trixie enters)

Trixie: What the fuck?

Al: (pointing to Trixie) Assuming she ain't got the smell of gunpowder on her fingers, I'm leaving you to her. (Trixie motions to Al to talk to her outside)

Alma: Thank you, Mr Swearengen. (Al steps outside with Trixie and shuts the door)

Trixie: Who the fuck shot at her?

Al: Who the fuck knows? Hearst? Her first husband's family? They both work with the fuckin' Pinkertons. Maybe they're now allied. (We see Dan entering the saloon in his traveling clothes, he heads upstairs)

Trixie: Someone should see to the child as her fuckin' heir.

Al: Bein' looked to. Just you fuckin' look after that one till matters clarify. Don't think of tossing the place, every fuckin' valuable's inventoried. (yells to Davey) Get Tom Nuttal! (to Dan) Cheyenne's off.

Dan: God dammit!

Al: Second rate deployment, Dan. Sending you off for reinforcements - to come back to a camp in ruins. (as they walk down the stairs)

Dan: I'll pack, unpack , repack...

Al: Whoever you intend to fuck, send monies to bring her here.

Dan: Who I intended to fuck won't ride a stagecoach. Makes her puke.

(As they reach the bottom of the stairs, Jewell is waiting with a tray of food)

Jewel: Toast and eggs or toast and bacon... she can choose or she can mix 'em, whatever she wants.

Al: Why the fuck are you telling me? (Jewell starts up the stairs, struggling to hold the tray. Al observes this) Every step a fuckin' adventure. (to Dan at the bar) Collect fuckin' Ellsworth. Nothing of her bein' shot at.

Dan: What am I to say I'm collecting him for?

Al: Just knock him out and bring him in.

Dan: Do you want to close?

Al: No I don't wanna close. Fuckin' Hearst 's to see not one single sign on any fuckin' front that he's had half a cunt hair's effect on any of the comings and goings in this camp. (Charlie enters)

Charlie: Telegram's sent to the sheriff. Blazanov's helping Merrick dress.

Al: Why the fuck would you say that to me?

Charlie: Merrick, that was beat up yesterday, is bein' helped to dress by Blazanov. Now Blazanov sent the telegram to the sheriff ... so's Merrick could come do his part.

Al: All right.

Charlie: Should I relieve Adams at the schoolhouse?

Al: Please.

Charlie: (As he walks out the door) Let Adams come back here, be available for whatever nefarious fuckin' carryin's-on you assign him, 'cause I do not take orders from you.

(Cut to Al's office as Jewell is presenting the tray of food to Alma. Jewell seems very pleased to be doing this, and stands happily waiting to watch Alma eat)

Trixie: Before she eats, she somersaults and don't want no one to see.

Alma: In fact, I rarely eat before noon.

Jewel: Well, maybe you just ain't found what you like to eat yet.

Trixie: Get out, Jewel. (Jewel starts to leave, disappointed, then turns and waves to Alma with a big grin)

Jewel: Did you ever have bacon?

Alma: I very well might.

Trixie: (pushing Jewel out the door) Goodby Jewel.

Alma: (to Jewel) Thank you. (Trixie closes the door) That was so considerate of her.

Trixie: Fascinated by you. (long pause as Trixie lights a cig) If you saw who it was and want to say, I wouldn't have to tell Al.

Alma: I didn't see. And I'm very grateful to be under Mr Swearengen's protection.

Trixie: Yeah, he's a prince.

Alma: In the sheriff's absence, I mean.

Trixie: Good a place as any for you to be ... In the sheriff's absence. (after a pause, Trixie has an idea and gets up, heads to the door, then out to the railing and yells at Jewel. ) She somersaulted, and et, and says her entire fuckin' dietary outlook has changed.

Jewel: What plate did she et from?

Trixie: She et from the fuckin' both! (Jewel grins)

(Cut to Hearst's room, where he and Jarry are talking)

Jarry: What a world. A woman, in innocent transit. A wayward shot from some watering hole do you suppose, prompted by a surfeit of spirits, exuberant punctuations of some sort?

Hearst: Do you believe anything you say?

Jarry: I am hypothesizing.

Hearst: And have you some private hypothesis as to my possible role?

Jarry: In the shooting at Mrs Ellsworth?

Hearst: In the rising of the sun.

Jarry: I would hypothesize, as to the latter possibility sir, before imagining you involved with the first.

Hearst: Oh, come, Jarry, my holdings butt up against hers. I value efficiencies and economies of consolidation. Haven't I reason to nudge her toward a sale?

Jarry: Men of a certain caliber cannot allow fastidious morality to distract them from the exigencies of commerce, can they Mr Hearst? And did you heave up your responsibilities upon broad and reconciled shoulders?

Hearst: No.

Jarry: Perhaps then, rather, at this moment you are Socrates to my Alcibaides, taking it upon yourself to edify me.

Hearst: Are you saying you want to fuck me? (knock on door)

Jarry: What?

Hearst: Well, you keep calling yourself Alcibiades to my Socrates. Are you proposing some sort of a homosexual connection between us? (Hearst goes to answer the door)

Jarry: I forgot that part of the story. (Hearst is whispering to someone outside the door)

Hearst: (to the person outside) Wait. (he closes the door again)

Jarry: (kneels down) But if I were courting you, Mr Hearst, I claim no allure of my own, suggesting only the mutuality of our interests concerning the upcoming elections grants my suit some small virtue. As you gaze upon me, sir, recall that some unions of convenience may outlast those conceived in passion.

Hearst: Get up off your knees.

Jarry: Of course. (he stands up)

Hearst: Elections cannot inconvenience me. They ratify my will or I neuter them.

Jarry: Compelling perspective.

Hearst: Time to go back to Yankton.

Jarry: For me?

Hearst: Yes. (Jarry turns and tries to leave by the wrong door) Locked.

Jarry: (Turning and walking to the correct door) The troops in Sturgis will await your instructions.

Hearst: (cutting Jarry off) Thank you very much. (he leaves and in the hallway he passes the Pinkerton leader)

(Cut to the school as Martha is reading to the kids)

Martha: "I like winter, when snow and ice cover the ground. " (outside, we see Charlie arriving to relieve Silas. They exchange waves and Silas leaves. Charlie takes up position outside the school window and waves to Martha through the glass. She waves back, looking perplexed. Across the street, we see Joanie watching from her window. She waves at Charlie, and he tips his hat. Joanie turns around and goes to waken Jane, who's again sleeping on the floor.)

(Cut to the Gem, where Richardson is standing, head bowed, at the bar, facing Al)

Al: What are you doing here?

Richardson: Too afraid. (still looking down)

Al: If you were too afraid, you wouldn't be here.

Richardson: Too afraid to explain.

Johnny: He's got a note pinned to him Al.

Al: Take it off him. Then stick him in the eye with the fuckin' pin. (Richardson grimaces and whimpers)

Johnny: He don't mean it. (Al takes the note and reads it)

Al: Tell him, "nothing".

Richardson: I'll just keep quiet.

Al: No. Tell E.B., "Nothin's going on" And then tell him, " If I wanted to tell you anything, I'd have told you. Don't send the imbecile over with no more notes."

Richardson: I can't remember all that.

Al: Can you remember, "Nothin's going on"?

Richardson: Yes.

Al: Tell him that then.

Richardson: Thank you. (he leaves. We see Dan carrying Ellsworth into the Gem, unconscious, and setting him down in a chair. Tom has arrived also)

Tom: The Mrs Ellsworth was shot at?

Al: Got her upstairs. I figured we'd hunker down till matters clarify.

Tom: Lovely.

Al: (to Davey, who arrived with Tom) What'd the geek say walking past you?

Davey: "The girls in here are pretty" (Cut to Hearst's room, where is is now talking to the Pinkerton leader)

Hearst: The fool husband ought soon to appear. Some small number to deal with his dudgeon, main force in reserve for Bullock.

Leader: OK.

(Cut back to the Gem, Silas has arrived)

Tom: How did sentiment incline in this joint when Bullock and Harry spoke last?

Dan: Glad when they finished.

Tom: As to who had the upper hand?

Silas: Fuckin' cross-legged pose your man struck, Tom, may have swayed the diarrhea faction.

Johnny: Creek was havin' it's way with Harry.

Al: (to Dan) What the fuck was the logic, when he sent that giant captain to fight you?

Dan: Get me killed.

Al: It wasn't to get you killed. His man kills you after a more or less equal fight?

(We see Trixie exit Al's office and lean over the railing)

Trixie: I gotta go reassure my jew.

Al: Out of boredom's why he put that fight together. Same with this too. Fuckin' shots at her fore and aft.

Tom: Wants to see he's made people afraid, so he knows he's a fuckin' big shot.

Al: Exactly fuckin' correct, Tom. If this was overture to an onslaught, he'd have let them pistoleros loose by now, to start the actual killing. (pointing to Tom) That's the keenest of fuckin' assessments.

Dan: Mighten that argue for my trip to Cheyenne?

Al: He ain't waitin' no fuckin' week Dan.

Trixie: (she has slowly descended the stairs, listenng) I leave here full of confidence knowing you're all thinking in concert.

Al: But I'd as soon not die fightin' 25 against four — you bein' my missing fifth, the equal of 10 of Hearst's fuckin' mercenaries, and Bullock, who's no fuckin' slouch either, if he ever gets the fuck back, bringin' the odds closer to even.

Johnny: Well her jew's got sand, if you tell him where to point the gun.

Al: I'd trust a fuckin' wire to Cheyenne if I knew someone to send it to.

Silas: (after a hesitation) Far as that, there's Hawkeye. (Al swings and slugs Silas in the jaw.)

Al: You were told never to say his name.

Silas: (angry) Well, now I did. And I'd trust him to hire the guns.

Al: And the hiring to take place where? Up that squaw's cunt he's fucking?

Silas: Squaw's in Lead, not Cheyenne.

Al: Did he take vows of abstinence in Cheyenne? Do they let him have wires in his monastery?

Silas: I'd trust Hawkeye — once he learned the situation — to hire the guns without stealing, to herd 'em back here to help us out, not stopping to get laid in Lead.

Johnny: Can Hawkeye read?

Silas: He can, and I can put my words such in the wire, he'll take my meaning and prying cocksuckers won't.

Al: Go get the fuckin' Russian, send the fuckin' wire.

Silas: Out the front or by the stairs?

Al: By the stairs, by the fuckin' stairs. We want his piss pot's play hours occupied by confusion and grievance. We want him sittin', sulking like a three year old who's toys won't do his bidding.

Johnny: I had a fuckin' Jack-in-the-box. I'd turn and turn and turn that fuckin' handle, and the Jack, he'd never jump. (everyone nods)

Al: If she'd complete her walk to the bank ... she'd confound this motherless cunt. (shouting) Tea for two, Jewel, on a fuckin' tray!

(Cut to the school porch, where Jane and Joanie have joined Charlie on watch)

Jane: When did you start giving that cocksucker Swearengen a "By your leave" and "If you fuckin' say so"?

Joanie: Jane. (nods to the kids inside)

Charlie: All's I asked Jane, did he know you was relieving me?

Jane: Maybe Swearengen's coordinating strategy 'cause the sheriff being gone campaigning, his deputy didn't jump to take charge.

Joanie: We just thought we could release you to other responsibilities, Mr Utter, and I could run and get you if they hetted up.

Jane: Assuming the unlikely need.

Charlie: (pauses, then starts away) All right. (he turns and watches the two take up position as he leaves)

Jane: That's how you have to fuckin' deal with him.

(Cut to a room at the Gem, where Ellsworth is waking, up finding himself tied up on a sofa. Dan is watching over him)

Ellsworth: Cocksucker.

Dan: Um ... how you doin' Ellsworth?

Ellsworth: What the fuck did you hit me for?

Dan: You realize that was me?

Ellsworth: You think I'm asking out of general suspicion?

Dan: All right, I'll uh — I'll tell you what happened, fill you in on the full fuckin' circumstance. (he helps Ellsworth sit up.) Now, uh ... Mrs Ellsworth is completely safe. (Ellsworth starts to struggle to untie himself) Calm down or I will hit you over the fuckin' head again, maybe use some more of them spirits under your goddamn nose.

Ellsworth: What happened?

Dan: Well ... there was some completely — no — fuckin' — damage — done gunfire taken at Mrs Ellsworth fore and aft. (Ellsworth is enraged) But she — she couldn't be no better.

Ellsworth: I'll kill that cocksucker. You get out of my way, or I'll kill you fuckin' first.

Dan: Put up a struggle, Ellsworth — It's stupid goddamn thinkin'. Why would they take shots at Mrs Ellsworth fore and aft when they could have just blowed her fuckin' head off?

Ellsworth: Goddamn it! (struggling)

Dan: Calm down and think about it! They took shots at her fore and aft so that you would come running, so they could do to you what they could have done to her but they didn't. And to Bullock too maybe, so do you see how goddamn irresponsible it would have been of me to allow you full fuckin' conscious movement? Do you see? (Ellsworth has calmed down) Now, I'm gonna cut loose them throttles, but you best not make me regret it.

(Cut to Al's office, he's talking to Alma over tea)

Al: Them shots were meant for maybe rethinking your tenure here, huh? Maybe too, in the aftermath, the shot's author had designed Mr Ellsworth would be moved to take steps, or Sheriff Bullock would, that'd justify a violent answer.

Alma: The author being Mr Hearst.

Al: Him, or him having made cause with your first husband's family, Pinkertons presiding over the vows. We've wired Bullock to counsel restraint. We've Ellsworth trussed up downstairs. Little in the past commends me to your trust. I'd ask you, accepting the premise that you were bait, not quarry — complete your walk to the bank. Get that fucking angler fulminating, tangling his fuckin' tackle and the fuckin' like.

Alma: Mr Swearengen. (language)

Al: Sorry. (Alma pauses, sighs and takes a deep breath, then they exit the office. As she descends the stairs, Ellsworth is waiting for her in the bar.)

Alma: I'm quite alright.

Ellsworth: I thank god for it. And I'd be glad to keep you company for the rest of your day.

Alma: I'd be glad if you'd join me at the bank in a few minute's time, having made my way to the bank alone.

Ellsworth: Why in heaven's name would you want to do that?

Alma: To demonstrate his tactic's failure, and to bid defiance to him who shot at me.

Ellsworth: I got an idea who had you shot at. Wouldn't mind killing him, even if I'm wrong.

Alma: If the shots meant not to harm me but to provoke certain others, wouldn't attempting that be playing into our adversary's strategy?

Ellsworth: If it ends with one between Hearst's eyes, let me play to his strategy and welcome.

Alma: I hope instead you'd have dinner tonight with Sophia and me, all of us having passed the interval uneventfully. In any case, please accede to my walking to the bank alone.

(Ellsworth appears a little stunned. As Alma walks to the door, several of the whores are watching her and they exchange looks. Ellsworth follows her at a distance. As she makes her way, Hearst steps out onto his roof to watch her. Ellsworth steps onto the Gem porch, followed by Al)

Al: I'd not have you step one more foot forward Ellsworth.

Ellsworth: As I fuckin' understand.

(All eyes are on Alma, several of the Pinkertons are on the street. Silas is also standing watch with a shotgun, as is Johnny. Tom and Charlie also watch the street. A couple of the Pinkertons follow Alma at a distance, and Dan is following too. Finally she reaches the bank, where Louis the guard is waiting, and goes inside.)

(Cut to Hearst's office, where the Pinkerton leader is with Hearst. Hearst is writing a letter)

Hearst: For Mr Swearengen. (hands over the letter)

Leader: Last man took a note for you to Swearengen, wound up dead.

Hearst: The man you refer to knew the note he bore might bring about that outcome. This note's import's more innocuous. Will it make you less afraid to read it?

Leader: I ain't afraid. I guess I made a poor joke.

Hearst: You do read.

Leader: Sure, sure I do.

Hearst: Read the note then.

Leader: (pauses, then begins reading) It's good.

Hearst: Out loud, so I know you can.

Leader: I made a poor joke.

Hearst: (shouting) Out loud, to prove you are lettered, and not a liar unfit for my employ!

Leader: "Thanks from all for your rescue of Mrs Ellsworth. Who could have shot at her? Do you wish her guarded at the bank with the sheriff away? I saw you let her walk alone. Answer via bearer."

Hearst: You don't read easily, do you?

(Cut to the Gem, where Al is reading the letter that the leader has delivered)

Al: Why don't you come to my office while I compose my reply? (They head up the stairs. We cut to a whore's room , where several of the girls are gathered)

Jen: I'd have asked Jewel ask her, if I thought to ask, if I'd foreseen in time.

Dolly: You'd have only put Jewel in a position...

Jen: She talks to Trixie, the bank woman. Why wouldn't she talk to us?

Whore 3: 'Cause she has something to say to Trixie. We'd just be asking conversation that she wouldn't know where to begin with. Philadelphia's where she's from. It's what we could've had as a subject.

Whore 4: Got beautiful gracious manners there.

Whore 3: Philadelphia, its many gracious attractions.

Dolly: Her dress, her comportment.

Jen: She'd have fuckin' talked to us.

(Cut to the woman in red's room — Mary, as Jack arrives at the door)

Jack: May we speak?

Mary: You stand in the hallway, addressing me in my room.

Jack: Yes. (She bids him enter, and closes the door) The girl who danced last evening, vagabond sort, hodgepodge costume...

Mary: I know who you mean.

Jack: She'll be staying in the theater, possibly joining the troupe. Knowing precious little at all events, of the course now charting I know absolutely nothing at all.

Mary: You seem to know what it means for us.

Jack: Knowing you, I suppose I do, swearing I've laid no carnal hand to her.

Mary: What does installing her accomplish, acknowledging me could not?

Jack: Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. That I'm old, that I've lost my belly for sham.

Mary: (Taking a sketchbook from a drawer) Every drawing I made in this sketchbook, every one I've dreamed of painting from, near a home where we'd live.

Jack: Say at least, I never asked it of you.

Mary: You'd have me say that, on the day you ask it of someone else?

Jack: Shall I have these?

Mary: No.

Jack: Paint every fucking one, Mary. (he leaves)

(Cut to Al's office, where he's talking to the leader)

Al: How well do you know the other guy?

Leader: Who would that be?

Al: That my man Dority killed — the captain.

Leader: We served in the 69th in New York.

Al: Was that a mick regiment?

Leader: Mm-hmm. What were you doing?

Al: Cuttin' throats.

Leader: I was asking whose flag you were under.

Al: The famous cocksucker's brigade.

Leader: Is that so?

Al: Command of the all-whore detachment. Distress you? When my man downed your friend?

Leader: Let me tell you something Mr Swearengen, you don't scare me and you don't fuckin' know what happened with the 69th New York. I will tell you this, I didn't like what happened to Joe Turner. Mr Hearst came to him and said: "Make it last, even if you gain the upper hand and can kill him." And I think that was halfway selfish of Mr Hearst, whereas Joe could have killed your man and didn't, and look how it wound up. But that's as much as I feel like saying, and that's neither here nor fuckin' there. (Al nods thoughtfully, takes a drink)

Al: Fair enough. (stands up) All right then.

Leader: All right. But I'll tell you this, you don't seem halfway like such a halfway bad fuckin' person. (Al walks around behind him) So should I tell Mr Hearst that there's no message... (Al kicks him hard in the crotch, dropping him to the floor, and starts kicking him, grabs his gun and puts it aside)

Al: So you'd shoot at a fuckin' woman? Beat that poor newspaper bastard? (Leader is rolling on the floor, groaning) Scare that Chinese with your fuckin' horses? (Stomps on him and kicks some more) How many ribs you think you broke?

Leader: (sobbing) Aw, I feel like I broke two or three ribs.

Al: I'm talkin' about that newspaperman's ribs, you fuckin' cunt. (more kicks)

(We see Hearst out on his roof, looking over at the Gem, wondering what's happened to his man)

(Cut to Claudia's hotel room as Con is knocking on her door)

Con: I prayed it would pass! But it's a constant fuckin' sore spot and throb. (he pulls a paper from his pocket and starts to read from it) " You are a constant vision before me, you and your fabulous bosoms. I beg you, release your man stallion from his he-stable for another gallop round the ring."

Claudia: Not today, Con.

Con: Tomorrow?

Claudia: Come back tomorrow.

Con: Any particular time?

Claudia: Late in the day.

Con: Perfect! We'll be waiting.

(Cut to Al's office, the leader is whining)

Leader: Listen to me. Listen to me and I'll tell you one fuckin' thing. Do you hear me?

Al: I don't hear nothin'.

Leader: I'm telling you that I'm gonna tell you one fuckin' thing.

Al: Al right.

Leader: Do you hear me?

Al: What the fuck? I'm not fucking deaf.

Leader: (sobbing) I want ... I want to know that I'm gonna be fuckin' heard, what I have to fuckin' say will matter, will have some result. 'Couse if not ... then what's the fucking point? (Al shrugs) All right, then I'm not gonna say fuckin' anything. What do you think of that? (Al kicks him hard, three times in the balls) (groans) He sent for more guns. He wired for more Pinkertons. They're on their way, and I told you that. If he finds out I told you...

Al: Don't worry.

Leader: You won't tell him? (sobbing)

(Cut to Cy's room at the Bella Union. Cy is visited by a new whore)

Cy: You might wanna close the fucking door. (she does, he looks her over) Who the fuck are you?

Janine: Janine, that's Sara's friend from Cincinnati.

Cy: Hmmm. That's a stupid name for a whore. Makes the tricks feel like they're stammerers. Ja-ni-ni-nine-nine, like they're in the fuckin' alps.

Janine: You can call me whatever you want.

Cy: Well, let's call you stupid, until we can think of something better. You miss Cincinnati, Janine-nine-nine-nine-nine? Are you afraid of fuckin' Deadwood? Do you miss your mom and dad, do you have one of each? Are they above ground, do you know? Oh ... do I see the beginnings of a tear in the corner of your left eye?

Janine: I'm alright.

Cy: For the purposes of our discussion. As much as anyone cares, is my meaning. All right stupid, Con'll advance you $5 against your first evening's fucking. Don't do no dope with Leon. Welcome to the Bella Union. (She turns and opens the door, then stansd there uncertain if she is supposed to leave) Close the fucking door, stupid.

(Cut to Al's office, Al is sitting on a chair with a bottle, watching the leader on the floor)

Leader: (sobbing) He's got 25 more guns coming, 25 Pinkertons. When they get here, he's gonna move on the camp.

Al: Before the elections?

Leader: 25 Pinkertons already. He had 25 on the way. And 100 at his operation.

Al: Before or after the elections?

Leader: (sobbing) I don't know. I don't know. Please don't hurt me. It's all I fuckin' know.

Al: (Picks up the leader's revolver in his hand and uses it to roll him over on the floor) Come on, come on. Don't give up hope. (Al stands, lays the leader's gun on the chair next to him, then walks out onto the balcony, leaving the leader alone. Al sees Hearst standing on his roof across the way)

Al: Passing a little wind. (inside, leader is just reaching for the gun as Al walks back inside. Al kicks him away from the gun)

(Cut to the hotel, Hearst is rapidly descending the stairs and goes to E.B.'s room, banging on the door. We see E.B. sitting in his private room as Hearst is banging on the door.)

E.B.: Yes. (More banging) Yes, come in. (The door is locked, E.B. gets up to open it) Mr Hearst.

Hearst: (angry) Have you enjoyed yourself today, Farnum?

E.B.: For reasons I find ellusive, the day has quite displeased me.

Hearst: What will help you find a name for your feelings? Shall we cut open your belly for you to wrap your guts around a pole?

E.B.: You seen distraught.

Hearst: (Screaming) I am not! I await an outcome! And the readying for it wearies me.

E.B.: Oh, dear.

Hearst: Have you felt human flesh on the spit?

E.B.: How would I have?

Hearst: I know the smell.

E.B.: You have been to and from in the world.

Hearst: It pleased me to find out.

E.B.: Well then, fine. (Hearst spits in E.B.'s face)

Hearst: Don't you want to wipe that off?

E.B.: ... .No? (Hearst spits again)

Hearst: You would regret my coming back and finding that you had cleaned your face.

E.B.: I understand. (Hearst leaves E.B. standing and wondering what to do.

(Cut back to Al's office as he shouts over the railing to the boys at the bar.)

Al: Dan, Johnny. (Al walks back into his office and shuts the door.)

Dan: (To Silas) He doesn't want you to dirty your hands.

(In Al's office now, the Pinkerton is still on the floor)

Al: All that shouting — "You're a cunt for hire to shoot at women" and the like — just trying to frighten you a little, encouraging you to chat. Who amongst us hasn't wanted to shoot at women once or twice, hmmm? Anything you want to say else before I let you rest, knowin' I don't sit upon you in judgment? (no response, Al takes him by the hair and slits his throat. Al then walks out onto the outer balcony, to see Hearst again on his roof)

Al: Did he come to you by a different path, Mr Hearst? Did he somehow circumnavigate to bring my reply to you without me seeing?

Hearst: What are you talking about?

Al: Your man went out the back of my fucking place, and I've been hoping against hope for reasons beyond my understanding that it was to return to you unseen by me.

Hearst: He has not returned.

Al: Jesus christ, maybe he was telling the truth — that he was lighting out for fuckin' Bismarck. Juses Christ almighty! Did you and he have some kind of misunderstanding sir, that he took for pretext the letter's delivery to make his fucking escape? Well then I say, Mr Hearst, you are well the fuck rid of that cocksucker, that he'd show so little loyalty or sense of responsibility to the delivery of communications. Jesus Christ almighty, where do we find good help? Oh, and in reply to your letter, sir, my opinion only, she don't need no escort or guarding, but it's the kind of generous inquiry I'd expect you to make. (Hearst is looking upset, and ducks back into his hole)

How's your back, Mr Hearst? (Hearst is gone) How's the fuckin' back there pal?

(As Al walks back inside, we see Dan and Johnny wrapping the body up in the rug.)

Al: Wu.

Johnny: Longest a rug's lasted so far.

(Cut to Utter freight, where Charlie is outside inventorying some crates. We see Bullock ride up in a hurry, he stops and addresses Charlie)

Seth: What's going on Charlie?

(Cut to Joanie's room, where she and Jane are getting undressed)

Jane: Some fuckin' day!

Joanie: It was a good day.

Jane: I only wish some of Hearst's pistoleros had come to test our mettle.

Joanie: Well, once my derringer was empty, you would have been firing for the both of us.

Jane: And equal to the task, believe you fuckin' me. Not that I wouldn't have regretted them children having to witness. Can I tell you something?

Joanie: OK.

Jane: Uh, some stupid fuckin' thing. Stupid fucking dream I had.

Joanie: OK.

Jane: I dreamed last night I was clamoring up a fuckin' creek bank, which is often required of a drunk. It was dark, and I couldn't tell where I was till I cleared the bank and come face to face with Charlie Utter's ugly mug. Now Charlie's, as usual, on the lookout for Bill, that's as usual too, losing at poker inside the joint we're outside of. "Where are we, Charlie?" This could be any fucking place the last number of years. And he said: "Jane, don't you know this is the No 10 saloon here in the camp where Bill's gonna fuckin' get killed soon?" "Jesus Christ — how do you know, Charlie?", I asked him. He said: "Don't you know," he says, "some point we know these fucking things? Don't you know the world says its fuckin' name to us?" "What the fuck? What the fuck do I have to dream about this for?" I say to Charlie, "Wasn't I miserable enough?" "Jane" fuckin' Charlie says to me, "Don't you know this is the night you couldn't look out for that little girl when you was at Cochran's, and Swearengen come in and scared you and you went down to the creek to weep? That's where the fuck you're coming from. And don't you know," he says, "this is the night you spirit that child from Cochrans, and to where our stock was outside of camp, and we watched out on that little girl and sung to her, and you, with the presence of mind to continue the fucking round when I was too fucking stupid? And you said you would 'row, row, row' and I said 'row, row, row your boat' and we had this ... " (Jane pauses for breath) "Now," Charlie says to me, "don't you understand what I'm, trying to tell you? Any evenings in your life you made mistakes, remember where even evenings you was as most ashamed as you ever thought you could ever be are able to wind up, and don't fuckin' only remember the middle of the fuckin' dream!" If I wonder why I dreamed that dream, yesterday you sent Mose to find me, and I was nearly dead-drowned drunk, and Mose made me get up, and you and me walked them kids to school, and before I went to sleep ... you kissed me.

Joanie: After Tolliver come, and you found Mose to help me.

Jane: And Charlie to help me find that little girl the very night I got scared and run, and the both of us sung a round to her, and then you went ahead and kissed me.

(Joanie leans over and kissed Jane on the mouth)

(Cut to the hotel lobby as Jack enters. He spots some luggage in the lobby, which he appears to recognize. He then walks over to join the ladies at a table in the dining room. He turns again to see Richardson adding to the stack of luggage.)

Jack: To spare you surprise on our advent at the theater in the morning, I tell you here and now that you will come upon a certain person... a woman who will be joining us.

Claudia: Who is she? Where has she performed?

Jack: I believe her name is Joseanne.

Countess: She is French?

Jack: I believe. I know she's spent time in Paris.

Claudia: (irritated) Where has she performed!

Jack: She has performed nowhere that we would have knowledge of, to my knowledge.

Countess: Joseanne?

Jack: Yes.

Claudia: Living at the theater?

Jack: Temporarily.

Claudia: To be installed thereafter where?

Jack: (hisses) Shut up! I won't have it, this getting off on the wrong foot.

Claudia: So you commit us to a long relation with Joseanne.

Jack: You will find her at the goddamn theater in the morning is what I mean! And I won't have this goddamn wrong-footedness. (He turns to see Mary with Richardson and the luggage)

Mary: Thank you Richardson.

Jack: Mean spirited is what I mean. A lack of generosity. Selfishness. Don't you think it all has an effect ... (he turns again, now to see that Mary is gone)... on your performance?

Claudia: (feigning a smile) Does this performance seem genuine?

(Cut to the Bullock house as Martha is serving Seth his dinner. Sol is there, nobody is speaking. Seth is gripping the table and clenching. He seems to be considering the news he's heard and is furious. Martha and Sol are both watching him, then look at each other. Seth bangs the table and clenches some more.)

Sol: Situation being fluid and not likely to get less so for a while, I went ahead and reordered hames. (Seth looks at him and has no idea what he's talking about) Steve, made imbecile by that horse's hoof, he couldn't authorize it. But I went ahead and assumed whoever finally takes the livery over might want a restock of hames. So I ordered 'em. (Seth is completely out of it, looking at Sol, then Martha trying to figure out what is going on)

Martha: Let us give thanks. (She folds her hands, and Sol and Seth follow. They bow their heads)

The End

Written by: W Earl Brown

Directed by: Mark Tinker

Al Swearengen: Ian McShane Dan Dority: W Earl Brown Seth Bullock: Timothy Olyphant Alma Garret: Molly Parker Ellsworth: Jim Beaver Doc Cochran: Brad Dourif Sol Star: John Hawkes Trixie: Paula Malcomson Tom Nuttall: Leon Rippy Cy Tolliver: Powers Boothe Con Stapleton: Peter Jason Leon: Larry Cedar Sophia: Bree Seanna Wall E.B. Farnum: William Sanderson Calamity Jane: Robin Weigert Charlie Utter: Dayton Callie Johnny Burns: Sean Bridgers Jack McCall: Garret Dillihunt Jewel: Geri Jewell A. W. Merrick: Jeffrey Jones Rev. Smith: Ray McKinnon Brom Garret: Timothy Omundson Mr. Wu: Keone Young Joanie Stubbs: Kim Dickens Eddie Sawyer: Ricky Jay Andy Cramed: Zach Grenier Silas Adams: Titus Welliver Otis Russell: William Russ Martha Bullock: Anna Gunn Francis Wolcott: Garret Dillihunt Hugo Jarry: Stephen Toblowsky Steve: Michael Harney Mose Manual: Pruitt Taylor Vince Blazanov: Pavel Lychnikoff Richardson: Ralph Richeson Harry Manning: Brent Sexton Jack Langrishe: Brian Cox Aunt Lou Marchbanks: Cleo King Claudia: Cynthia Ettinger Odell: Omar Gooding Jen (the whore): Jennifer Lutheran Gustave, the tailor: Gordon Clapp Wyatt Earp: Gale Harold Morgan Earp: Austin Nichols Mary, (woman in red): Angela Nicholas The dancer: Nicole Ansari Cox
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