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In Memoriam

Dedicated to all those who were lost, shot, died, killed, euthanized, or otherwise departed.

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Season 1

Clell Watson: Episode 1
Hung by Seth Bullock.

A John: Episode 1
Shot by Trixie.

Metz Family (except Sophia): Episode 1
Robbed and killed by Ned and Tom Mason and Persimmon Phil.

Ned Mason: Episode 1
Shot by Bill Hickok with assist by Seth Bullock

Tim Driscoll: Episode 1
Knifed by Dan.

Tom Mason: Episode 2
Shot by Bill Hickok

Persimmon Phil: Episode 2
Knifed by Al

Brom Garret: Episode 3
Pushed off a cliff by Dan.

Wild Bill Hickok: Episode 4
Shot by the coward Jack McCall

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Al’s “Chief-in-the-box”: Episode 4
Killed by unknown “Mexican” for $50 bounty.

Indian Brave: Episode 6
Killed by Seth Bullock

Joey: Episode 7
Killed by small pox

Hoople: Episode 7
Knifed by Dan

Miles: Episode 8
Shot by Cy Tolliver

Flora: Episode 8
Shot by Joanie Stubbs

Wu’s opium courier: Episode 10
Killed by Leon and Jimmy Irons

Jimmy Irons: Episode 10
Drowned by Al

Chinese laundryman: Episode 12
Shot by Con Stapleton

Rev. Smith: Episode 12
Euthanized by Al.

Magistrate Clagett: Episode 12
Throat cut by Silas Adams


Season 2

Bummer Dan: Episode 13
Shot by Harry Manning

Slippery Dan: Episode 14
“12-pointed” by Silas Adams

Crop Ear: Episode 16
Throat cut by Dan

Doris: Episode 18
Throat cut by Wolcott

Carrie: Episode 18
Throat cut by Wolcott

Maddie: Episode 18
Throat cut by Wolcott

Charlie Manuel: Episode 20
Shot by his brother, Mose Manuel

Cornishman: Episode 20
Shot by Capt. Turner

William Bullock: Episode 22
Trampled by the horse.

Lee’s man: Episode 24
Axed by Wu’s man

Wu’s man: Episode 24
Shot by Mr Lee

Lee’s man #2: Episode 24
Axed by Dan

Lee’s man #3: Episode 24
Axed by Silas

Mr Lee: Episode 24
Throat cut by Mr Wu

Francis Wolcott: Episode 24
Hanged himself

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Season 3

Cornishman #1: Episode 25
Shot by Hearst’s capper

“Broke-neck Hoople”: Episode 26
Killed in a fall

Hearst’s capper #1: Episode 26
Knifed and throat cut by Al

Hearst’s capper #2: Episode 26
Knifed by Dan

Cornishman #2 (not shown): Episode 27
Killed by Hearst’s cappers

Cornishman #3: Episode 29
Knifed by Hearst’s cappers

Capt. Turner: Episode 29
Killed by Dan

Hostetler: Episode 29
Shot himself in the head

Chesterton: Episode 32
Died of medical problems

Odell: Episode 33
Killed on the road to Rapid City

Barrett: Episode 34
Throat cut by Al

Whitney Ellsworth: Episode 35
Shot by Pinkerton.

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Jen: Episode 36
Throat cut by Al

Leon: Episode 36
Knifed by Cy Tolliver