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Season 3
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Those Who Mourn The MeekPure At HeartPoor In SpiritPersecuted For RightiousnessPeacemakersMercifullTrix FootSeth Body MembersHunger For RightiousnessFundamental ThemeAl All Members Suffer12 Days Deadwood
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Episode 25

"Tell Your God To Ready For Blood"

Ep25 Custer Was A CuntEp25 Death No RespiteEp25 Do Not Instruct MeEp25 Dont I YearnEp25 Empty Him OutEp25 Every Day Takes FigurinEp25 Family LuckEp25 Get The Fuck OutEp25 MusicEp25 Need A HankerchiefEp25 Piss CrisisEp25 SetteeEp25 Stomp On His FootEp25 Tell Your GodEp25 Trixie RantEp25 Wash And StackEp25 Who Are These People

Music from the credits

"I got a razor" by Willie Dixon Music credits are gleaned from a variety of sources, accuracy is not assured

Episode 26

"I Am Not The Fine Man You Take Me For"

Ep25 DucklingsEp26 Bathing PetitionEp26 Boring MeEp26 Broke Neck HoopleEp26 Change Calls The Tune LongEp26 Change Calls The Tune ShortEp26 ConsolidatingEp26 Devil TalkinEp26 FartEp26 Kiss Mine LongEp26 Kiss Mine ShortEp26 Mother LoveEp26 MusicEp26 Overturnin TurtlesEp26 Working Slave

Music from the credits

"Hole in da wall" by Brownie McGhee

Episode 27

"True Colors"

Ep27 Amateur NightEp27 Ambition And ActionEp27 BaconEp27 Barely SpeakinEp27 Deeper DamageEp27 Goes Through MenEp27 Labile TempermentEp27 Learnin NothinEp27 Look Like IdiotEp27 MusicEp27 Sack Of ShitEp27 Shit BlizzardEp27 Tail WagginEp27 Train WreckEp27 Try The WindowEp27 Weigh LessEp27 Where Shall We Go

Music from the credits

"Walkin' the dog" by Rufus Thomas

Episode 28

"Full Faith and Credit"

Ep28 All In Good TimeEp28 Change My MindEp28 Consider Fucking YourselfEp28 Difficult ChoicesEp28 Doff HatEp28 Fuckin MoronEp28 Fuckin SteveEp28 Hearts LeapEp28 Less ThrobEp28 Married WellEp28 MorningEp 28 MusicEp28 Oh FuckEp28 One Thing After AnotherEp28 Only MessengerEp28 People Do Strange ThingsEp28 Quick CharlieEp28 Say It Aint SoEp28 Two Dead NiggersEp28 Unsuitable SecondEp28 You Leaving

Music from the credits

"Mean Mama Blues" by Ramblin Jack Elliott

Episode 29

"A Two-Headed Beast"

Ep29 A Fair FightEp29 Aint No CowardEp29 Best Walked AloneEp29 Captain Cunt FaceEp29 Festering With WealthEp29 Fuck YourselfEp29 Fuckin UnderstandEp29 Morning CoffeeEp29 MusicEp29 So Fuckin Be ItEp29 Tardy And GingerEp29 The WhyEp29 What Kinda Hell

Music from the credits

"I'm going home" by Bama Stuart

Episode 30

"A Rich Find"

Ep30 Drop My PantsEp30 Fuck The NewEp30 Fuck Themselves UpEp30 Fucked The DogEp30 Goddamn FoolEp30 Have A SwigEp30 Hows The EarEp30 Lethally MiddledEp30 Light Go OutEp30 MusicEp30 Stupid Arent YaEp30 Whats My Popularity

Music from the credits

"Daniel in the Lion's End" by Bessie Jones

Episode 31

"Unauthorized Cinnamon"

Ep31 10 Dollar ReportEp31 Befitting And BecomingEp31 Dont Speak DisgustingEp31 Extinguish CigaretteEp31 Fuck ConfidentialityEp31 GomorrahEp31 MusicEp31 Noone AliveEp31 Snore And FartEp31 TrueEp31 Unauthorized CinnamonEp31 Whores Asses

Music from the credits

"Soul Of A Man" by Irma Thomas

Episode 32

"Leviathan Smiles"

Ep32 All That I AmEp32 Excuse MeEp32 Fail To SurviveEp32 Fuck YourselfEp32 Heads Or TailsEp32 Interrupted ShitEp32 Leviathon SmilesEp32 MusicEp32 Reprehending ToneEp32 Sheriff BlowjobEp32 Sorry AssEp32 Wanna Fight

Music from the credits

"Oh Death" – Artist: Dirk Powell, Alan Lomax, B. Jones, S. Billington, S. Reynolds

Episode 33

"Amateur Night"

Ep33 A ClubEp33 A Horse RaceEp33 Als SongEp33 Big TurtleEp33 Church MiceEp33 Girth At The MiddleEp33 Imminent ExpirationEp33 InseamsEp33 MusicEp33 No ComplaintsEp33 Problem SolverEp33 Skills To DelightEp33 Strange BirdEp33 Sustainance

Music from the credits

"Did You Ever Meet Gary Owen, Uncle Joe?" (see Garryowen) – Bla Fleck and Tony Trischka

Episode 34

"A Constant Throb"

Ep34 AdventureEp34 Cocksuckers BrigadeEp34 Do You BelieveEp34 ElectionsEp34 Gettin Shot AtEp34 Good HelpEp34 Hes A PrinceEp34 He StallionEp34 Jack In The BoxEp34 Jews Got SandEp34 Men Of CaliberEp34 MusicEp34 Reassure My JewEp34 SocratesEp34 SomersaultsEp34 Strategy

Music from the credits

"Dangerous Mood" by Keb Mo

Episode 35

"The Cat Bird Seat"

Ep35 Dead ManEp35 Eb SpeechEp35 Imperfect WorldEp35 Irreplacable ManEp35 MusicEp35 No Rooms To LetEp35 On Their WayEp35 Put To UseEp35 QuietEp35 Reason

Music from the credits

"Mad Mama Blues" by Josie Miles

Episode 36

"Tell Him Something Pretty"

Ep36 Aint FairEp36 Blind And StupidEp36 Different ToneEp36 Dont Get Me StartedEp36 Every BullyEp36 Everymans PortionEp36 EverythingEp36 Gruesome GooEp36 Hunt You DownEp36 MusicEp36 Pretense To CivilityEp36 Something PrettyEp36 Stay The Fuck OutEp36 When He Aint LyingEp36 Which VoicesEp36 Wise CrackEp36 Ya Done Good

Music from the credits

"Oh Mary Don't You Weep For Me" by Bruce Springsteen

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