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Season 2
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Episode 13

"A Lie Agreed Upon (Part I)"

Ep13 Account For Your Insult Ep13 Airs Gone FixedEp13 Cause For Cuttin ThroatEp13 Comment Molly AnnaEp13 Comment Tim IanEp13 Dear Mrs BullockEp13 Hurry The Sorry WordEp13 Messages From Invivible SourcesEp13 No Good WomenEp13 Piping Fresh BiscuitsEp13 Saves TimeEp13 Thats Enough ClevernessEp13 Til Ive Had My Way With The CorpseEp13 Watch ItEp13 Welcome To DeadwoodEp13 You Would Not Wanna Be Staring At Me

Music from the credits

"Not Dark Yet" – Bob Dylan Music credits are gleaned from a variety of sources, accuracy is not assured.

Episode 14

"A Lie Agreed Upon (Part II)"

Ep14 Suggest You Quit DrinkinEp14 12 PointedEp14 Aint It Always A TrialEp14 Bundling BoardEp14 Cocky RejoinerEp14 Deep WhiffEp14 Do Not Interfere With MeEp14 Do You Mock MeEp14 Entangled InebriateEp14 One Gigantic ThrobEp14 Plant Me With A ViewEp14 Song Of The BedsteadEp14 Storm Clouds GatherEp14 Talk About One PersonEp14 Tonight Throughout DeadwoodEp14 Wanna Fast BlowjobEp14 Whatever Lurks Ahead

Music from the credits

"Business You're Doin'" – Lightnin' Hopkins

Episode 15

"New Money"

Ep15 CommentEp15 Always Pay For PussyEp15 Camp PugilistEp15 Contracting To Be FuckedEp15 Even In An Eden Like ThisEp15 Exception Proves RuleEp15 Fuckin ProgressEp15 HandshakeEp15 Here In My Girls WorldEp15 Ill Pay You OrEp15 My Deepest GratitudeEp15 Shut Your Fuckin MouthEp15 Small And Brackish PoolEp15 Sore DisappointedEp15 Speak That Way ThenEp15 The Fabled LeviathonEp15 The HatEp15 The Savage SeaEp15 Trifling With MeEp15 Wish I Was A Tree

Music from the credits

"Skin and Bones" – Ann Rabson

Episode 16

"Requiem for a Gleet"

Ep16 A Big ClubEp16 Clean MoneyEp16 Gold And RumorEp16 Haughty CuntEp16 Led By Their DicksEp16 Morning IntercourseEp16 Signin My XEp16 Smells Like ShitEp16 Take No TongueEp16 Terrible NoiseEp16 The Levyll HoldEp16 Tough Fuckin DayEp16 Yearn For A Stronger Will

Music from the credits

"The Fox" – Bill Staines

Episode 17

"Complications" (formerly "Difficulties")

Ep17 Beloved Household PetEp17 CommentEp17 Development InterpretatinEp17 Disburse This Riotous AssemblyEp17 Dont Get Me StartedEp17 Drunken ShitbirdEp17 Fuck The FutureEp17 Gathering Of A BellEp17 High And Holy BullshitEp17 I Sleep Anythere MamEp17 Ignorant CocksuckerEp17 Im ThirstyEp17 Miserable DispositionEp17 Pithy And CivilEp17 Quit Lookin At Me Like ThatEp17 Statement Means NothingEp17 Trousers Taken OffEp17 Yawning CasmEp17 Youre Purty

Music from the credits

"Life Is Like That" – Big Bill Broonzy

Episode 18

"Something Very Expensive"

Ep18 Believing Yourself Past SurpriseEp18 Come Up And Fuck MeEp18 Do Not Misconduct Yourself AgainEp18 Do Not Misconduct Yourself Short VersionEp18 Fuck Or Be FleecedEp18 I Bet You Told The WhoreEp18 Im Goin InEp18 Interesting Turn Of MindEp18 Obstinancy And Hostile DispositionEp18 People Angry At DifficultiesEp18 Ride One Off The CliffEp18 Sanfrancisco CocksuckerEp18 School Dat Teached You DatEp18 Something Very ExpensiveEp18 The Sheltering HandEp18 We Must Not Let You Be Past SurpriseEp18 Who Do You Work ForEp18 Who Do You Work For Short Version

Music from the credits

"Pretty Polly" – Hilarie Burhans

Episode 19

"E.B. Was Left Out"

Ep19 Black DarjeelingEp19 Boothe DillahuntEp19 Dickens Sanderson CallieEp19 Draggin That LegEp19 Earn A Trip Out The WindowEp19 Ill Have That EffectEp19 Im Not A ManEp19 Its No PicknickEp19 Jealous TypeEp19 Minimize Your ObcenityEp19 Penny For Your ThoughtsEp19 Pussified Shootin InstrumentEp19 Stand It Like A ManEp19 Thatd Leave You With NothinEp19 Tough To Be A Friend ToEp19 Tread LightlyEp19 We Are Dwarfs

Music from the credits

"A Prayer" – Madeleine Peyroux

Episode 20

"Childish Things"

Ep20 A Laydown You ProposeEp20 Aint Been Previously SwallowedEp20 Are You The CocksuckerEp20 Boulder Haulin Short VersionEp20 Dans RetortEp20 Refined SpiritsEp20 Suck Cock By ChoiceEp20 Thanks For Brushin Against My PrickEp20 Tolerate A Different Point Of ViewEp20 Whats Killin YouEp20 When A Boulder Needs HaulinEp20 You Still Outstrip Him

Music from the credits

"Rattlesnake" – "Spider" John Koerner

Episode 21

"Amalgamation and Capital"

Ep21 A Path To JoyEp21 Ball ScoresEp21 Cloud HaulingEp21 Dont Act EntitledEp21 Dont Guarantee What Youll Never DoEp21 Five Cappers ReadyEp21 Fuck OffEp21 I Like My LiquerEp21 Including Youth Mr ManualEp21 Knowledge Is Over RatedEp21 Nippy On My TwatEp21 Top DollarEp21 Trees Or Animals

Music from the credits

"Mama's Gonna Buy" – Vera Ward Hall

Episode 22

"Advances, None Miraculous"

Ep22 Any More To That ThoughtEp22 CommentEp22 I Am A SinnerEp22 I Know Hes MyopicEp22 If I Have To Come Over ThereEp22 Like A Turtle With Its Legs WigglinEp22 No Chance LeonEp22 Operatin Ona WhaleEp22 Utterances Of That TypeEp22 What For

Music from the credits

"Calling All Angels" – Jane Siberry & k.d. lang

Episode 23

"The Whores Can Come"

Ep23 Act CivilizedEp23 Avarice And StupidityEp23 Burned My SnatchEp23 Comment Ian PaulaEp23 Comment Tim AnnaEp23 Fuckin CasketsEp23 Jane On BathingEp23 Seven KindsEp23 Shut The Fuck UpEp23 Stay Outta The ProcessEp23 Thank You In Whale Talk

Music from the credits

Hey Willy Boy" – Townes Van Zandt

Episode 24


Ep24 A Digestive CrisisEp24 A Love MatchEp24 Aint Done DancinEp24 Almas SpeechEp24 ConcentrationEp24 Gibbering Like A SimianEp24 Only A Fuckin HobbyEp24 Part Thou Leather LipsEp24 The Earth Talks To UsEp24 You Smell Like Cat Piss

Music from the credits

"Stay a Little Longer" – Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

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