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Season 1
Dialogue by Episode

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Episode 1


Ep01 Bulls Ass In Fly Season Ep01 Clammy HandsEp01 Flatter Than Hammered ShitEp01 Gunplay Gets AnsweredEp01 I Dont Trust YouEp01 Inform Your Dealers And WhoresEp01 No Law At AllEp01 None Of Your BusinessEp01 Only One With BallsEp01 What Kinda Luck

Music from the credits

"Hog of the Forsaken" – Michael Hurley Music credits are gleaned from a variety of sources, accuracy is not assured.

Episode 2

"Deep Water"

Ep02 And Now Ive Killed YouEp02 As Them That Set Out To Do HarmEp02 CounterofferEp02 Counteroffer Short VersionEp02 Dont Tell MeEp02 Dont Wait Too LongEp02 If Irritating Mes JackpotEp02 No Loose EndsEp02 Rather Be LuckyEp02 RowrowrowEp02 Same Dead Roach

Music from the credits

"Creek Lullaby" – Margaret

Episode 3

"Reconnoitering the Rim"

Ep03 CahootsEp03 I Know YouEp03 I Speak FrenchEp03 I Will Take It To Play PokerEp03 I Speak French Short VersionEp03 Kiss My AssEp03 Make It Look Like An AccidentEp03 Morning EntertainmentEp03 Soap With A PrizeEp03 Trust Beat Outa YouEp03 Who Cut The CheeseEp03 Who Cut The Cheese Short Version

Music from the credits

"Twisted Little Man" – Michael J. Sheehy

Episode 4

"Here Was a Man"

Ep04 Cant Go Near A CliffEp04 CommentEp04 Did She Just Ask To Borrow MoneyEp04 Double Fuckin SolitaireEp04 Let Me Go To HellEp04 Listen To The Thunder

Music from the credits

"Fallen From Grace" – Mark Lee Scott

Episode 5

"The Trial of Jack McCall"

Ep05 Anything Else Im Behind OnEp05 Are You DeadEp05 CommentEp05 Ebs SpeechEp05 Get FuckinEp05 Hair Froma HeathenEp05 Happy To HelpEp05 I AppologizeEp05 Run For Your LifeEp05 Should It Ever BeEp05 So Much BloodEp05 Sometimes I WishEp05 Wanna Blowjob

Music from the credits

"God and Man" – Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry

Episode 6


Ep06 A Whores ThinkingEp06 Base Of OperationsEp06 Be BriefEp06 Butt UglyEp06 Declare Or Shut UpEp06 Dont Make Me Do It DifferentEp06 Free GratisEp06 Full Range Of ExpressionEp06 Im ExpensiveEp06 May I SayEp06 No Rebuke Too VileEp06 Questions In That Tone

Music from the credits

"High Fever Blues" – Bukka White

Episode 7

"Bullock Returns to the Camp"

Ep07 Calamity JaneEp07 Do Your Drinkin At The BarEp07 Healed Under My CareEp07 Interesting StrangeEp07 Say What Youre Gonna SayEp07 Soften Him Up SomeEp07 Special Swein TechniqueEp07 Specialists

Music from the credits

"Old Friend" – Lyle Lovett

Episode 8

"Suffer the Little Children"

Ep08 B Stands For BoldEp08 Disposal FeesEp08 I Wouldnt Trust A ManEp08 Indicating InterestEp08 Put That Out Of Its MiseryEp08 Scrub A Blood Stain

Music from the credits

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" – June Carter Cash

Episode 9

"No Other Sons or Daughters"

Ep09 Clean ConscienceEp09 Club Of Most Of UsEp09 Conductor Of This MeetingEp09 Dim WittednessEp09 Drink Mares PissEp09 Felled From Them Canned PeachesEp09 If This Is His WillEp09 Im In A PositionEp09 Lift Your Skirts And JumpEp09 One Vile Task After AnotherEp09 Utter Mail And Charlie Freight

Music from the credits

"Stars and Stripes Forever" – Jelly Roll Morton

Episode 10

"Mister Wu"

Ep10 Aint No HypocriteEp10 Among FriendsEp10 Breakfast VittlesEp10 CocksuckaEp10 Degenerate Tit LickerEp10 Get A HaircutEp10 Lickin A StumpEp10 Name Of Another TailorEp10 Please Take Your PassageEp10 You Cant Cut The ThroatEp10 You Have To Admire Me For It

Music from the credits

"Hog of the Forsaken" – Michael Hurley

Episode 11

"Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking"

Ep11 5 DollarsEp11 Cold Enough WorldEp11 Im Knocked UpEp11 Jes That AffectionateEp11 Lick A Bears AssEp11 Sally Fuckin ForthEp11 What Can Any Of Us Hope ForEp11 Your Own Flesh And Blood

Music from the credits

"Snake Baked a Ho'cake" – Mike, Peggy, Barbara, and Penny Seeger and their children

Episode 12

"Sold Under Sin"

Ep12 Announcin Your PlansEp12 Blood StainEp12 CommentEp12 Flanking ManeuversEp12 Fuck The CalvaryEp12 I Get The Bag Of ShitEp12 If He Dont DieEp12 It Must Cost You SleepEp12 My DaddyEp12 Not Sure I Take Your InferenceEp12 What Kind Of Man Have I Become

Music from the credits

"Farther Along" – Mississippi John Hurt

Season 1